WELCOME TO Sunland Power
Founded in 2011, Guangzhou Sunland New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, modules and high level battery packs. Provide the world with advanced new energy storage and power technologies and complete clean energy application programs.
Through the intelligent, automatic and information-based manufacturing system, we provide traceable and high-quality products to meet the needs of global customers. The company has passed IS09001/14000, SA8000 and other system certification, products have been UL, CE, IEC, PSE, KC, BIS, UL, JIS_ C8714 and other international certification.
16 / Feb
Home Batteries Seen Cutting Cost of Germany’s Power Grid Renewal
Storage batteries that are being bought by owners of rooftop solar systems in Germany may eventually help cut the costs of renewing the country’s power grid, a study showed.
28 / Feb
Raw Material Scarcity for Batteries Has Impacts We Had Never Thought About
Since electric cars with massive battery packs emerged, people ask where we will get enough cells for them. It was already a concern before a pandemic, a semiconductor shortage, and Vladimir Putin dragging Russia into a senseless invasion against Ukraine. Circular Energy Storage presented more effects to that scarcity than we ever imagined.